Friday, June 03, 2005

I'm not blogging today

Last night I got too drunk to go into work today and one of my best friends had a baby this morning so we're going to go see it... so therefore I will not write anything today. So, stop reading now. Anyway, at the bar last night there was Kinky Quizzo. Guess who won? I don't know some people with the team name of "If she's not choking, she's not trying hard enough." Nice! Anyway, we got second place, so I came home with a new pron dvd, a new dildo, and some bizzare thing that's supposed to be a masturbation helper. It kinda looks and feels like one of those grip things that help you open jars with. When I got home last night I jerked off my dildo while wathing the dvd then passed out.

Time to go tell someone how cute thier new baby is! c ya.

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