Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The New Deal

I had a long talk with my blog this morning and my posts have considered going on strike. They feel there’s too much pressure on them to be good and they’re getting upset. One of them even had to go against my favorite celebrity’s advice and started taking Ritalin. I had them all sit down and list out their complaints and the list was long. Too much pron talk, too much boasting, too little content. They’ve been called names too, which is what hurts them the most. They’ve been called dribble. Babble they could handle. Mostly any other word that ends with “bble” too they said could take. Such as bubble, rubble, or stubble. But I explained to them that none of those words made any sense.

So, it took some smooth talking, some massaging (with happy endings), but I got them to agree to a deal: Free hummers from all my readers. So, if you’ve read this, thank you, and you owe one of my posts a hummer. And any guys reading this, don’t worry, some of my posts are gay.

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