Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My Dream Wedding

Last night I had my first nightmare about my wedding. The dream started with me waking up all disheveled in my wedding suit. I haven’t yet picked out shirts and ties, but apparently I go with brown shirts with a red tie to go with my blue suit. It was between the wedding and the reception and I had gotten so drunk before the ceremony I passed out and didn’t remember the ceremony at all. I looked at my watch and I was a half hour late for the reception. I wasn’t too scared about that though because there were a lot of other people at this house rushing around getting ready to leave too. From the bedroom I passed out in I saw our limo (Hummer limo) pull up, so I went down to get in it and titso told me she canceled it. In real life we ordered the limo for 4 hours and didn’t tell them it was for a wedding. Every place charges like double for a wedding and gives it to you for an hour less so we’re going to just go the non-wedding upgrade route. Well in my dream Titso said the limo driver wanted more money so she told him to go F himself. Then suddenly tuk-tuks were pulling up taking people to the wedding. I guess watching Miss Universe from Thailand rubbed off on my subconscious. But they kept pulling away before I could get on one. Finally I got on one when I realized my jacket and tie were inside the house, so I had to go back in grab them and wait for another tuk-tuk. I was now an hour and a half late for my wedding reception, still drunk and disheveled, riding in a tuk-tuk alone to my wedding. Then I woke up. I really wish I stayed asleep to see what happened when I got to my reception. I’m sure MC Hammer would have been there or something.

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Zhanna said...

Hi Tim,
As usual grooms do not remember their weddings at all. That is why when we really think about weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful bride in her flattering gown, but not the cock-eyed groom.
Oh, I did not know about Hummer limo hire rules. If it is a wedding , so the price will be in two times upper. Hmm, very interesting.