Monday, June 06, 2005

In a Rut

About a week and a half ago I thought of a good Starburst Porn post I could do. But, I’m lazy. I’ve been feeling like Quentin Tarantino lately. I wrote and directed a few good projects, but I’ve kind of gotten lazy with my Starburst Porn writing and directing. It’s not as high of a priority as it should be. Last night I was in physical pain because I was so bored. I never once thought to make starburst porn. Tonight I’m playing poker, tomorrow softball, I run poker on Wednesday nights, and I’m sure Titso will want some quality time on Thursday night. This is not the work ethic of one who once strived to have his name go down in the anals of starburst porn history. I often feel I should just become a producer. Dish out the 2 dollars for the cost of production and have someone else do the work. But I’m too much of an imperfectionist. Someday soon I promise to get you some more pron. Someday soon.

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