Tuesday, November 09, 2004

100 things out of boredom

1. I’m a middle child
2. 1 older brother
3. 1 younger brother
4. No kids, nieces or nephews
5. My High School and college had the same name
6. LaSalle
7. I swam at both
8. 200, 500, 1650 freestyle
9. My shoulders hurt too much to swim anymore
10. I try to run now
11. but my knees hurt too much
12. Getting old sucks
13. I’m a programmer
14. This was the most recent line of code I wrote S (RSTAT,STAT)=$S('$D(^SC($$^SBLDCCL(%A),%A,%W)):0,1:$P(^SC($$^SBLDCCL(%A),%A,%W),"^"))
15. I’m not even sure what it really means
16. Yes I am
17. 32,000 people work in my company
18. I don’t know them all
19. I’ve been to two foreign country
20. Ireland and Jamaica
21. Twice for both
22. I’ve been to about 18 states
23. PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, WV, NY, CT, MA, RI, IL, IN, FL, NC, SC, GA, FL, AZ, CA, OR, WA, NV
24. ok, maybe 22
25. I’m 6 feet tall
26. 180 lbs
27. I ran a marathon in 4 hours 6 minutes
28. Faster than Diddy, Oprah, and I think Will Farrel
29. I’ve swam a mile in 16 minutes flat.
30. Faster than anyone I know that’s ever swam a mile
31. Except 1 former team mate
32. I bought a house with my older brother
33. Then sold it to him and moved in with my girlfriend
34. Now we’re house shopping together
35. She rocks
36. someday…
37. Fav book: Green, Grass, Grace
38. Fav Movie: Swingers
39. Fav band: changes daily
40. fav food: pizza
41. favortie alcohol: miller lite
42. cat’s name: Fawn
43. cat’s nicknames: snags, snaggle tooth, snaggle rock, peanut butter, banana, and whatever word crosses my mind when shes in the room
44. I drive a civic
45. I wish I drove a lexus
46. my high school GPA was 2.6
47. my college GPA was 3.0
48. my major was marketing
49. I worked for nabisco my senior year
50. it sucked
51. My first real job was making cheesesteaks
52. it sucked
53. I was once a bank teller
54. $1000 magically disappered (twice) when I was a teller
55. I honestly don’t know what happened
56. I never got fired
57. from any job
58. I play fanatasy football
59. and fantasy baseball
60. I play golf
61. I’m a 15 handicap
62. I play softball
63. I play left center
64. I bat 3rd
65. This is kinda hard.
66. I’m extremely shy in person
67. Unless you really know me
68. Or unless I’m drunk
69. 69, woohoo!
70. I’m an Eagles season ticket holder
71. This blog is the only creative writing I’ve ever done
72. Except an x rated Christmas poem I once wrote
73. I’ll post it after Thanksgiving
74. Sometimes “creative” is pushing it.
75. Sometimes I enjoy my creativity
76. I enjoy some other bloggers’ creativity
77. A lot
78. I didn’t smoke weed till I was 21
79. I did ‘shrooms at 19
80. It’s been 7 years since I did them
81. Right now I’m reading Animal Farm
82. Right now I’m not paying attention to a conference call
83. My first time ever in a casino I won $275
84. I think that’s the most I ever walked away with
85. $200 is the most I ever lost
86. My girlfriend and I once vacationed at Hedonism in Jamaica
87. It was crazy
88. I’m going to Orlando in 5 weeks to golf with my bros and pop
89. can’t wait
90. I can juggle
91. I’ve broken my arm twice and wrist once.
92. I peed my bed once when I was 21
93. It was after a night of drinking the day one of my best friends died.
94. Cystic Fibrosis
95. 5 more…
96. My parents are still married
97. They rock
98. I’ve been in 2 car accidents
99. neither were my fault
100. I swear


nique said...

you think you aren't very creative or that other people's blogs are more interesting than yours...well mr. tim i've got to say you are pretty darn entertaining! thanks for the random 100 because you were bored!

The Pink Kitty said...

8. I swam the 200 and 500 in high school (and the 200 and 400 free relay. I hated all my events)
9. Mine too (I injured my left rotators cuff. My coach had the brilliant idea of making me swim one arm with the other arm so that I screwed up both arms. I can now pull my arms out of the shoulder socket. Yay swimming. I still swim though when I can)
29. I swam my mile in 22 minutes (Lake Berryessa. 60 degrees... damn cold) I also swam the trans tahoe relay.

Funny, I hate swimming but I love it at the same time. I was hooked on the swimming part of the Olympics (okay, so yeah, maybe it was because of the hot swimmers in speedo's..)
78. and 79. 18 for both! It's been a year or more since shrooming... maybe a week since the other? what can I say? I'm only 23 still!

~~~Diva J~~~ said...

I think your list was pretty darn helpful to me as a new blogger....Especially when I thought my intro was pretty bad!! Have a good one.

Tim said...

Jassy, welcome to the blogging world. I hated my first blog and I continue to put myself down because other people are more interesting to me (and thats just the way I am), but I've learned I'm not so bad (thanks Dominique!)

PK: 9. Youch! You can pull them both out of the socket?? I have arthitis in my shoulders. I started swiming again a few months ago, but too much swimming hurt too much, so I gave it up (again)... I'm sure I'll be back. It was such a huge part of my life for so long I'll always hate it and love it at the same time.
78: probably been about 3 weeks for that one for me.

Aleksu said...

My grammar school and my high school were called La Salle.