Thursday, November 04, 2004

I want a new drug

I want an easy job that pays lots and lots of money. I want a job that's fun. I want a job that's rewarding. My job indirectly helps people, but I don't see it. My old next door neighbor used to fax jokes into the Tonight Show. While I don't think Leno is very funny, a lot of people do. They started using his jokes on a daily basis and evenutally hired him. He moved to LA and became a writer for the Tonight Show. When he moved out there his 12 year old daughter became a hand model. When she turned 16 she bought herself a new car. I embarrassingly watch Americas Next Top Model and I've learned that modeling can be tough. There's such a fine line between "fabulous" and "crap" because its all in the eyes. But for a hand model? Is it all in the knuckles? How nice is life when you are buying a car at the age of 16 because you have pretty hands? Maybe I don't want a more fufilling job. Maybe I just want a SugarMomma. That way I could focus on my true love of Sitting By the Pool While Beuatiful Women Wait on Me Hand and Foot. (who the hell came up with the saying "wait on me hand and foot"??) I'm accepting applications for Sugarmamma and Waiteresses now.


Aim said...

Are you sure you want to see the references that someone applying for sugarmomma would list? I'm just sayin. :)

Hey thanks for linking me!

The Pink Kitty said...

I'll be a waitress. I don't have enough $$ to be a suga'momma.
Thanks for linking me too :)

Tim said...

Kitty, you're hired! Just to let you know, the job pays on all tips. (and I don't tip)

Aim, References are overrated. The application would be as follows:

Name (optional) _______
Job (optional) _______
Salary (optional) ______
Are you willing to support my desire to drink fruity drinks as I sit by your pool? __ Yes __ No

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, please leave a clean towel and a maragrita on the pool deck and I'll be right over.

The Pink Kitty said...

I think you'd feel it necessary to tip me because I'm just that damn good at what I do... ooo scandalous!