Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Working late has it's advantages...

So, today I'm working till 7:30 because I'm going to play in a poker tournament that's right by my work. Being here this late I get the privledge of listening to a Guy Who May Have Had Megaphone Sewed On To His Mouth talk really loud and really nonsensical to Guy Who Doesn't Want To Hear It.
GWMHHMSOTHM: "I'm done with blue fish. I don't eat that shit anymore. And the people who like caviar? They can have that shit. It tastes like shit.
GWDWTHI: "..."
GWMHHMSOTHM: "I'm serious, there's no way I'd eat that shit."
GWDWTHI: "..."

GWMHHMSOTHM proceeds to use the word shit about 30 more times in 5 minutes while GWDWTHI doesn't mutter a single sound. The corporate world at it's finest.

1 comment:

The Pink Kitty said...

That sounds really... shitty ;)