Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I tip my 40 to you

So, it being Thanksgiving time and all, I thought I'd give shout outs to everything I'm thankful for... even though 95% of the things I thank will never know it, here it goes:
  • To Mr. Miller and the good people of Milwakee, Wi. Thank you for making a good beer. A very good beer. I tip my 40 to you.
  • To my annoying crackhead cat, fawn. Thank you for greeting me at the door everyday night with your squeaky, non-relenting voice. It makes me feel loved. I know your brain is only the size of a pea, but you make me smile. sometimes. Thank you for having a snaggle tooth, it's funny. Thank you for giving me massages, and for cuddling up with me to sleep. I tip my 40 to you.
  • To TITSO. Thank you for putting up with my lazy ass. You make me smile, you make me laugh. I tip my 40 to you.
  • To internet porn. Thank you. Just thank you. I tip my 40 to you.
  • To Thank you for making me a happier person. I've next blogged my way into a group of people that are constantly making me laugh and making me want to be funny, even when I feel I'm not. My creativity outlet was non-existant a few weeks ago, and now, even while on my home computer, I sometimes blog instead of look at porn. sometimes. To my amazing circle of bloggers. I tip my 40 to you.
  • To the Philadelphia Eagles. Thank you for being 9-1. Thank you for T.O. I know you're only setting me up for a let down and when that happens I'll want to smash this 40 over my head. Until then. I tip my 40 to you.
  • To ABC. Thank you for Lost and Desperate Housewives. Finally a few non-reality shows worth watching. I tip my 40 to you.
  • To the guy at the coner store. Thank you for the 40. I just tipped it all out. May I have another?


The Pink Kitty said...

And I tip my 40 of High Life to you Tim, and the folks at Miller for making High Life. But you forgot to tip your 40 to America's Next Top Model! :)

Have a good weekend Tim! (and every time I read TITSO on one of your posts, I laugh so hard I almost pee my pants!)

Alekx said...

Tim followed here from Pink Kitty's site....
Funny stuff...Thanks for letting me share even if for a fleeting moment of time.
Instead of tipping your 40 could I have a good long swig of that before you spill it with all the tipping...

Steimes said...

I am thankful to the Pittsburgh Steelers for making the Egales 9-1.

Also I am thankful for TIM.

Time send me an e-mail to I need to ask you something.