Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Out of the loop

I've hear lots about Tara Reid's surgically mutilated hooters. Who can tell me where to see them? anyone?


nique said...

google it! i heard about it this a.m. I guess they were making fun of her since she didn't know her twins were hanging out. haha
I'm sure she'll still deny they are fake. "I was in an accident where, um, i was impaled by a...lance...um..."

Tim said...

yeah, I guess I'll have to do that at home tonight. I'm positive we can't search google for hooters at work. They're like Nazi's here when it comes to looking at porn on work time. Loosen up!

nique said...

Don't they want to elicit a high morale? Jeez! Prudes I tell ya! ; )

Tim said...

Seriously! Plus, how do they know that my current project has nothing to do with "Teens with farm animals"??

Martin said...

You really want to see them? Really really?

Ok, look here. Don't say I didn't warn you.