Friday, November 19, 2004

A boring stock market rant

So, I own one stock, Sirius Satellite Radio.. I bought it back around March after the whole Janet Jackson thing when Howard Stern started threatening to go to satellite radio. When I bought it my only hope was that he would leave FM radio and come to Sirius which would make the stock boom. Low and behold, that came true. When Stern’s old boss, Mel Karmazin (former CEO of Viacom who turned it from a 10 million dollar company to like a 200 billion dollar company), quit a few weeks before he announced that, I created a second hope…. That Karmazin would come to Sirius. Low and behold, yesterday he became the new CEO of Sirius. Also yesterday Stern gave out 20,000 free radios and appeared on Letterman shamelessly plugging Sirius. Last night, the stock went up 25% in one day, doubling what I bought it at. I’m on my way to becoming rich, right? Wrong. Today Alan Greenspan announces that he thinks the dollar is weak, so the stock market crashes. What I want to know is who ever said he was the be all end all of money matters? He’s like the Michael Powell of money. Plus he’s like 400 years old. He needs to die a quick but incredibly painful death.

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