Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Indecision 2004

Here's some other things I could use help in deciding:

1) My blog's coolness. Looking at HTML code, its really quite simple. If I had any motivation, I would teach it to myself and I could make this look a hell of a lot cooler than it is. My problem is I'm too lazy. Stay lazy or get learned?

2) Pictures on blogs. Is it better to have a picture of yourself or to let people use thier imagination? I could easily put a picture of myself on my blog, but I'm undecided as to if I like when people show themselves or if its better to always wonder. Is the self proclaimed geek, really a geek? Are all those kitten bloggers really 4-legged felines? To picture or not to picture?

3) Life Goals. I can't decide what obtainable goal I should set for myself. I've run a marathon, done a triathalon, built major projects around the house. I'm bored. I need motivation. Suggestions?

4) Butting In. Blogs are public, yet I have reservations about commenting because I feel like I wasn't invited, so I shouldn't be commenting. Are some blogs better left uncommented on?


C-8 said...

1) laziness is it's own reward

2) are you really that guy who needs to post pictures of himself? ask yourself what kind of validation you need

3) see response to #1 - or come up with a fun goal, like the world's most diverse collection of pez dispensers, or learning japanese in less than 2 weeks, or tattooing the lyrics to every def leppard song on your body...

4) i'm *so* completely addicted to commenting on strangers' blogs - if someone is putting this information on the internet for everyone and his cousin, jethro to see, sure, they want comments - please note that these should be clever, cute, or complimentary comments - you know what your mom said about when you don't have anything nice to say... so basically, if someone's blog is interesting, comment to encourage him or her, if someone's blog is the suck "next blog" as quickly as possible

The Pink Kitty said...

1) If you want, you could at least put a link field? That's easy (but no spam!)

2) I am really am a 4 legged feline, a pink one. In fact, this is me: http://www.frenchkitty.co.uk/ (except I'm pink). I'd post that picture if I could figure out how to swipe it and post it. I'm with Cate on posting real pictures

3) i'm with Cate on this one again.

4) I like comments from strangers so please, comment away on my blog. Just don't post snarky comments until you've "gotten to know" the blogger ;)

nique said...

1. ? I'm lazy too but a little "get learned" is always fun and makes things interesting!
2. I think people need to use their imagination. Not knowing what you look like allows your readers to envision you as they want. Like reading a book! You provide the picture of the characters in your mind...once you see the movie with the portrayed characters it is usually a let down (unless it is a super hottie!) ; ) Even if it is a super hottie, I still like the character I made up in my head better.
3. I need motivation too! I think I should train to run a marathon. I hate the winter, it's such a downer!
4. You should always comment if you feel you can offer something! I wouldn't be here if you didn't comment on my blog! Comments are the BEST!!!! I value all of my comments and appreciate those that want to comment. If I write something that inspires a comment, it makes me feel good! ; ) But I'm retarded...so....