Sunday, November 14, 2004


Over the weekend, the rap community lost one of it's top stars to an "unknown" health problem. Among Ol' Dirty Bastard's, aka. Russell Jones', aka. Dirt McGirt's, aka, Big Baby Jesus', aka. Cyrus', aka. Dirt the Flirt's, aka. Joe Bananas', aka. Ol' Dirt Shultz's lifelong achievments are:

- bringing MTV cameras with him in his limo as he picked up his welfare check.

- Interupting Shawn Colvin's Grammy acceptance speech to announce he was upset for not winning best Rap Albumn because he spent a lot of money on a new suit for the award show.

- Coming up with amazingly bad, unrhyming lyrics:
You can call me dirty, and then lift up your skirt
And if you want some of this dirty, God made dirt and dirt bust yo ass

- Proudly fathering over a dozen children to over a half dozen women

- Proudly backing no charties because he'd rather "just chill out and work on more women and more kids"

- Being arrested for shoplifting shoes, being arrested for threatening a bouncer's life, being arrested for threatening one of the many mothers of his many children's lives, and countless drug arrests

So while the rap community mourns, the rest of us are like, "eh, oh well."


nique said...

Okay first, I love Billy Madison!!! "Your up there talking about god knows what and this girl is back here trying to make out with me!"

Now onto ODB!!! I love his rhymes!! Are you kidding, hilarious!! My favorite~ "What's my name? Shut the f*k up! I bring the muther f-n ruckus!"

He is so random it is awesome! I'll miss him.

Tim said...

although he had some horrible lines, he was a good rapper... but certainly not a good person.

Martin said...

And bad teeth, too.

That said, my best wishes go out to his family, which he undoubtedly has.


Paul said...

His rap career is just starting now though. I'm sure he'll have some compilation cds featuring The Notorious BIG and Tupac out before Christmas.

Tim said...

so very, very true.