Monday, November 01, 2004

Weekend observations

- One week after the Ashlee debacle, Eminem proceeded to lip synch his first song on SNL. It was easy to see with the greatest invention of the past 20 years (tivo). I understand you wanted to perform a new politically based song, but the lip synching was weak.. just as weak as that song.

- Surprise parties are extremely awkward for the first 5 minutes.

- Even if 100 kids live in a 5 block radius, they don't trick or treat at the house that was formerly owned by a drug dealer.

- bad invention: the rake.

- good invention: the leaf blower.

- Getting pregnant is the cool thing to do. At least based on my circle of friends it is.

- I have no patience for after 10 beers

- The Eagles are the best team in the NFL!!!!!!!!


The Pink Kitty said...

Woah, you had a drug dealer living in your neighborhood? Creepy!
Did you have a good weekend though?

Tim said...

Yes, I can't complain about my weekend... and no, we had a drug dealer living in our house... the house was repo'd or something, then bought and completely rebuilt and sold to us. Its a nice place now, but the neighbors tell us it was crazy before.

The Pink Kitty said...

It would be really cool if you found crazy stuff hidden under a lose floor board or something. It would be like finding buried treasure