Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hot or Not?

Reading through several blogs, including my own, I'm shocked by the type of guys some girls think are hot. I swear I think I'm better looking than most of these guys.
For example, Dominique thinks that David Carr is hot. View here to be the judge. Average if you ask me.
In other blogs, Cate and others have stated that John Cusak is yummy. View here to be the judge. OK if you ask me.
I honestly feel I outshine them both. View here to be the judge. That my friends, is hotness defined.


Astrid said...

Ouch! I just read your words and now I got blisters on my hands! Dude, you are way too hot to handle .. Next time I come to your blog to read your words, I'll make sure to take my fire - extinguisher with me ... haha ... Miles of smiles, Astrid.

The Pink Kitty said...

You are by far, the sexiest beast ever! ;) Squiggles and all.

nique said...

Well Tim! I think you could've tried a little harder to choose the absolute LEAST FLATTERING PICTURE! Ugh, of course Mr. Carr doesn't look cute...that pic sucks! Now swing around and check out the backside...mmm hmm! ;)

I did an L4 on the portrait of you! AWESOME!

Tim said...


you don't want me to post a picture of my backside, it would probably burn up your computer.

Tim's brain ponders: "did I really just go looking for a picture of david carr's ass?!? What the hell's wrong with me.."

nique said...

that is seriously so cool that you found a link to Mr. Carr's hiney!

David Carr has longer hair now...oh man, just watch the Texans this Sunday, definitely worth your while! ; ) Well not if you want to see "good" football...just some good looking men in tight pants!

The Pink Kitty said...

Checking on that ass picture now....hot damn I love football pants! Tim, you should post a picture of your posterior but only in football pants! ;)

Tim said...

hmm, I've never worn football pants. How about in my speedo?

nique said...

No Tim, only 80+ wrinkly, hairy,floridian men look good in speedos.