Friday, November 12, 2004

25 more things...

1. I shave my head
2. I’ve never been arrested
3. I got married in vegas 4 years ago
4. and an annulment 3 weeks later
5. I once streaked the campus in college
6. and they still gave me my masters degree last year
7. I haven’t puked since the night of the streak in 1994
8. My first cigarette was at age 17
9. My last cigarette was at age 17
10. I’ve never been on a boat smaller than a cruise ship
11. Rosie O’Donnell is my 3rd cousin (or something)
12. I met her once
13. The last company I worked for crashed at Y2K
14. It was partially my fault
15. I qualified for olympic trials in swimming in 96
16. I’ve applied to be on Survivor, the Apprentice, and Big Brother
17. I’ve had my appendix removed
18. and my tonsils
19. I had braces for 4 years when I was little
20. I’m a landlord for 3 properties
21. I can fix just about anything
22. No I can’t
23. Nothing I just wrote is true
24. I’m just really bored
25. 1 hour till Miller time


~~~Diva J~~~ said...

Tim you have made it to my blogger again.....
The fact that he said my daughter was his girlfriend was a joke...LOL.....He was just playing. My daughter does play with him while we are at church! Thanks for the concern.....

The Pink Kitty said...

Did you really make the olympic trials in swimming? Considering that you swam a mile in 16 minutes or so, I'd believe it!

And, in CA it's 4 hours until Miller High Life time! (Yes, I drink High Life and when I can, I like to drink 32's with the paper bag around the bottle. OO I'm one classy kitty!)

Tim said...

no, they were all lies. I think trials were like 15:20's. The closest thing I came to making it in was the 200, which I went a 140.32 and I think trails was like 1:38somehting.

A 32? Is that the even poorer man's 40?

The Pink Kitty said...

I dunno. For some reason around here you find 32's. I can drink two 40's of high life though. I'm just that damn good ;)