Monday, January 03, 2005

better late than never - 05 resolutions

  • drink less *
  • do some work before blogging in the morning *
  • eat better *
  • be world's best boyfriend *
  • go to the gym 3-4 days a week *
  • be more personable *
  • save more money *

* indicates resloution has already been broken


Alekx said...

I'm glad the working before blogging resolution has already been broken. I was going to have to have fake spasams on the ground trying to make you feel guilty...and since I haven't vacumed this morning there is a bunch of dog hair down there and I'd rather not spasm and twitch in that MESS>

nique said...

dude what happened yesterday? your eagles go WHALED on!

yeah, yeah, reserves schmeserves. ; )

i want to know how you screwed up being the world's best boyfriend already? you've only had 3 days to screw that up?!

Burfica said...

Are you kidding???? Men can screw that up in 5 minutes, they don't need 3 days. hehehehehee
Just kidding.

I think you should make Alekx fall on the floor and twitch I would enjoy it. hehehehee

Tim said...

exactly! I think it was 12:03am new years day when I somehow messed that one up.