Thursday, January 27, 2005

You are so Beautiful to Me

There’s 5 things in my life that mean anything to me right now.
RiverDog Poker.
The Eagles.
My upcoming vacation to Punta Cana.
And Lucky Charms.

Click here to see my pictures from the Eagles game.

Click here to see my Lucky Charms


Burfica said...

Okay I was a little scared to click on the thing that said
"to see my lucky charms"

I didn't know if it would show the picture of cereal or if it would show a picture of ehhh heeemmm well you know lmao

nique said...

ha ha good one on the lucky charms burfica!

sweet pictures! thanks for sharing the love!

Tim said...

Dammit! I wish I would have thought of that.

The Pink Kitty said...

hehehe, Tim that was hilarious! And your pictures are great but it looks DAMN cold! That was a whole lotta snow!

Alekx said...

I can not belive I played that damn lucky charms thing 4 times and still got all the answers wrong.
Thanks Tim for showing me just how stupid I am...

Alekx said...

Tim have I mentioned I could fall in lust with you or something.
That clown pic ROCKED baby....
I'm such a dead woman but it's been a fun life.

Tim said...

Thanks! You know, I think some of the stuff I write is kinda funny, but I very rarely make myself laugh out loud. I laughed out loud at myself on that clown comment. I'm such a loser.

nique said...

what clown pic/comment?

Tim said...

at Burfica's blog