Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Riverdog poker, take 1

I think most people that know me would agree that I’m one of the most laid back people they know. I’m quiet, I’m shy, I don’t let much bother me. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I don’t care what people think about me (because I do, everybody does no matter what they say), but when someone doesn’t want to be my best friend I try to just let it roll off my back. I never get stressed out.

Tonight’s the first night of the poker business I started with my brother. For the first time in my life I’m truly stressed out. (just ask the zit on the side of my nose that’s applying for it’s own area code.) I’ve done a lot of other things in my life that should have caused more stress than I’m feeling now, but for some reason this is the most I’ve felt it. In all actuality I’m risking no more than a few hundred dollars, but it’s not really the money I’m worried about. It’s failing. I don’t like to fail. I don’t fail. But at this point there’s not much else I can do to prevent that. In my opinion, it’s truly a good business idea. I’ve told everyone I know about it to try to get people out to help ensure success, but at the same time that may be what has stressed me out the most. It would be failing in front of everybody I know that would really kill me. I know tonight my family will be there, my friends will be there. And after tonight, success or failure, they will still be there. But with just 10 hours to go before the start of the business, it’s hard to convince myself that’s all that really matters.

(And if it is a success, I’ll have a website (or at least a blog) going by the end of the week with pictures and whatnot.)


nique said...

nothing ventured, nothing gained!

you should be proud of your ability to hang your balls out on the line! ; ) er, something like that!

Burfica said...

It's all good!! No stress breath in....out....in....out

Dam I think I just excited myself

LOL oh well

Aim said...

It'll be a hugeantic success!!! Go tim!!

C-8 said...

It will be BO cool - I only wish I was closer so I could come put out... put in... I don't know, whatever you do at poker games

Tim said...

you guys are right. It's going to be a bo hugeantic success and I'm going to get myself excited having my balls on the line. i think.

The Pink Kitty said...

Good luck with poker Tim! I'm sure things will be OK :)

Alekx said...

Tim..darling...I usually give you cut up remarks on my comments to try to make you smile..this is from the heart...You've chosen an area for your business that is popular, People love to gamble, play poker, drink and have fun. Have faith in yourself, your partner and your decesions. It may take awhile to get up and going but once the ball starts rolling it's gonna be an avalanche. Just work diligently and steadly at it. Don't be sporatic, this is your JOB, you business and you are CEO of it.
You luv are going to do great, and be sucessful. As long as you've given your all to something you ARE NEVER a failure. NEVER. When you branch out of your area and start going nation wide let me know. :-)
I have my own home based business, and know how scary and hard it is at times, so if you need to vent, stress or whatever leave me a message on how to get hold of you and we'll talk.
It's gonna be all good. I promise..have I ever lied to you?
You are already a sucess in my book

Tim said...

so I guess I've got my friends, my family and my blogger support, thanks everyone! hopefully I have an uplifting post tomorrow.

The Pink Kitty said...

Let's hope so (on the uplifting post). MJW is telling me that you're not cheerful enough ;)

Paul said...

I don't think you can base whether or not your idea is a failure or not after one night. If you think it's a good idea, then other people will too. It's just a matter of letting them know what you're doing, and when you're doing it.

Tim said...

good point Paul. But the inventor of the pet rock thought that was a good idea. Granted he made millions, but looking back, it was a really, really bad idea.