Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The blogabet

Since my mind isn't working too well today (ya know, due to the 12 beers I drank last night) I thought I'd give you a better blog than mine for every letter of the alphabet.

Ass Chronicles
Calm Dreariness
Edens Ally
Fickle whimsy
Go Fug yourself
Hates kittens, God does
London calling
Nitrogen Narcosis
Observations from a stick
The pink kitty
Unable to come up with a U
Whatever, Mary Kate
X –sorry, but H, Y, and Z were hard enough to come up with, I had no chance at X. Xorld of Lint
Yeah, I am new
Zero boss

PS. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be and I apologize to any of my readers I skipped, but if your name or blog started with a U or X I'd be all over it.


The Pink Kitty said...

Aww! thanks for making me t! In my list, you'd be T for Tim unless I need a C ...

Jenny said...

Awwww Tim. I'm blushing. Seriously. We both know that my blog is nowhere near as HILARIOUS as yours. Thanks for the free advertising though. ;-)

Kisses, Jenny

Burfica said...

Okay mine could have been a U as in "U will laugh at Don't Eat The Tomatoes" hehehehehehee

I know I know cheap plug.

Tim said...

I know, I know, I missed yours, I missed Lint, I missed Michel, I missed several of the blogs I read, but you all are a bunch of same first letter named muther effers.

nique said...

no hunh! yours is better!

Alekx said...

Ha could have used Burfica at X for X-treamly disturbed indivdual..cuz she is you know...Xtreamly disturbed.
I should never have taught her how to shoot a gun cuz for some weird reason I think it's aimed at my butt.

Lint said...

S'alright Tim, I'll sort you out with an X: Come to Xorld of Lint.

Chick said...

LOVE your lists, Tim.

...especially when I'm on it...what an honor.

Some of these blogs are favs. of mine, others I've never seen before, I'm going to check 'em out.

is it just me? said...

Kiss kiss Tim.
Awww you forgot yours. It's on my top 5 daily list.

C-8 said...

At first, I was so sad because I wasn't under "S" for Supervelma or Snozzberry, but then I found me, conveniently located under "V" for my Very Velma sense of humor - awwww, thanks Tim, you're the best

Tim said...

Yeah, the V for velma was a little bit of a stretch, but when I start something, I'm gonna finish it dammit! (except the letter U and a real blog for X, they're barely real letters anyway.)

The Zero Boss said...

Ok, admit it: Mine was the ONLY blog you could find that started with a Z.

Tim said...

admitted. I never read your blog until I was looking for a Z and saw you linked off someone else's... but I did enjoy it... so that makes it fair... right?

Martin said...

Awwww, shucks.